Annual Parish Fundraiser

Hosts our Parish's main annual fundraising festivities.

Additional Information:

Prepares for the major annual fundraiser, usually held in June. This team plans months in advance to host the Gala dinner and festivities, including raffles, live and silent auctions held in the upper level of our Parish Center. The commitment is spread out over several months, more hours are needed during the week of event. The Gala team meets monthly beginning in March, and forms sub-committees for various activities. Advance planning provides for mailing invitations to all Parishioners and former attendees, soliciting sponsors and item donors, decorations for the theme of the year, dinner, champagne diamond raffle, hors d'oeuvres and bar. There is administrative work for record keeping. The core planning team consists of 12-15 members, and many more helpers are needed for the week prior to the event to decorate our upper level. Clean up and post Gala helpers are needed and welcome!

For more information about the Annual Parish Fundraiser Ministry, please visit our gala events page.

Time Requirements:

Varies, with the highest involvement needed two weeks before the start of an event.

Contact Info:

Chris Smith
Phone: (760) 758-4100