Art & Environment

Assists in the planning for liturgical environment and preparation of a hospitable and prayerful atmosphere in the worship space in correlation with the changing seasons of the liturgical year.

Additional Information:

The Art & Environment Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining an appropriate, reverent, and prayerful environment in our buildings. Utilizing the rubrics and documentation of the Church along with traditionally established norms and the seasonal traditions of the liturgical year, the ministry provides the following support:

  1. Creation, procurement, maintenance, and changing of seasonal banners and decor throughout the Liturgical space (Sanctuary, Blessed Sacrament Chapel, Lower Level Sanctuary area)
  2. Placement & maintenance of seasonal items (e.g. Advent Wreath, Nativity Set,Baptismal Font, Paschal Candle, Gifts Table, Marian Shrine etc.
  3. Procurement, placement, and maintenance of seasonal floral displays (e.g. poinsettias. Easter flowers,and Advent and Lenten pieces) as well as plants and flower displays for Ordinary Time, and
  4. Representation on the Liturgy Committee.

The Committee is always looking for talented members who can assist with any of the following:

  1. Sewing (creation of Banners, Altar Cloths, etc.)
  2. Carpentry/Woodworking
  3. Floral Design
  4. Gardening/plant care (weekly). School-aged youth seeking service hours for School/Confirmation or Scouts searching for service projects are welcome

Time Requirements:

On demand. Varies based on the liturgical season.

Contact Info:

Position available

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