General Office Support

Provides various types of office work, including bulk mail and bulletin stuffing, making Baptism banners, sacristy and chapel cleaning, and “handyman” work.

Additional Information:

The Office Support Ministry lends an extra set of hands on a fairly regular basis in:

  1. Stuffing and sealing envelopes for large mailings
  2. Stuffing bulletins every Friday mornings
  3. Un-stuffing left over bulletins every Monday mornings
  4. Create the Baptismal banners for all of our Baptisms (perfect for those who like crafting!)
  5. Worship aid stapling every Thursday
  6. Miscellaneous office tasks as needed.

We have little jobs for those who have little time, and bigger jobs for those who have a bit more time to give. Some jobs are done by one person, some jobs take two or more folks to get accomplished in a timely manner. There are opportunities for everyone to help us out here at the Parish office and we very much appreciate every single one of our helpers!

Immediate Need:

We need help with stuffing bulletins each Friday from 9:00-10:30am.

Time Requirements:

Varies based on the type of activity.

Contact Info:

Henny Jocelyn
Phone: (760) 758-4100

Ministry Type(s):