Parish Membership

Serves on the Pastoral Council and provides updates, raises concerns, and shares upcoming activities of the ministries within Parish Organizations and Events.

Additional Information:

Includes social ministries, fundraising ministries, charitable giving ministries, and historical preservation of Parish records.

The chairperson will also contact members and place a call for assistance at particular times of the year where extra help is needed or when an event or need arises. Certain groups are gender and age specific, some require a physical ability, others are appropriate for all ages. The individual groups report to the PO&E chairpersons at a quarterly meeting. The chairpersons assist in addressing concerns and relaying information between the groups and the council.

Time Requirements:

The chair attends quarterly Pastoral Council meetings (evenings).

Contact Info:

Patrick Attardo
Phone: (760) 940-1505

Ministry Type(s):