“The liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed; it is also the fount from which all her power flows.”
–The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy: Ch. I, no. 10

For more information about serving in a Liturgical Ministry at St. Thomas More, please contact Douglas Lynn.

Douglas Lynn
Director of Liturgy and Music

The Liturgy Committee

The purpose of this committee is to enhance and encourage the worship of the faith community at the Church of St. Thomas More and stimulate and strengthen personal and communal spiritual growth.



Instrumentalists are invited to share their music and participate during Mass as soloists or ensembles and also in conjunction with other groups in the music ministry.

Liturgy Chair

Serves on the Pastoral Council and provides updates, raises concerns, and shares upcoming activities of the liturgical ministries.

Paschal Choir

Supports our worship during Funeral and Memorial Masses by ministering to the families and friends of our beloved dead through participation in congregational singing and music during these liturgies.

Praise Team

Supports our worship and enriches our celebration by presenting music in the newer praise tradition of sacred music through song and instrument.


Studies, prepares, and proclaims the living word of God to our assembled faith community at daily, weekend, and holy day Masses.

Sacristan – Daily

Prepares the church building and worship space for liturgies, prepares liturgical materials necessary for Mass, participates during the liturgy, and…